Virus Shut Out JAPAN

Virus Shut Out JAPAN

Mommy Emporium

  • ₱600

Virus Shut Out (JAPAN)
  • Experimentally proven to effectively block airborne particles and bacteria, as well as various epidemic viruses
  • Helps to eliminate planktonic bacteria, influenza and other viruses, reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others * Suitable for everyone, especially suitable for sick patients / people with low immunity / BB / children / pregnant women / elderly / long-term access to hospitals and clinics with more bacteria * Can remove planktonic odor, smoke and sweat
  • Valid after opening 30 days
  • With neck strap
  • Attachment: body x1, neckband x1
  • Expiration date: 30 days after opening the cover, it is invalid and needs to be discarded.


Take out the "Virus Shut Out" body, attach it to the connected neckband, and hang it on the neck

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